Welcome to Tclscripts.org

June 17th 2005

Well as the topic says, welcome to our site. I hope you like the new site layout as we've changed the operating system of our system to FreeBSD. Our previous system, Debian, was becoming seriously outdated. We hope that FreeBSD will be able to provide us with greater speed and security measures.

Note: this site is still under construction and many parts are not done yet, but our previous site was broken during the migration from Debian to FreeBSD, all our scripts are available here.

Routing problems solved

July 28th 2005

The previous routing problems should be solved now, an new ip is assigned, still not sure why the previous ip had problems.. but all should be ok right now, still could have some problems because our reverse dns still needs to kick in..

Site unreachable to some.

July 23rd 2005

For the last few weeks I seem to be having some routing problems, I don't seem to be able to reach some ips and some ips aren't able to reach me, at this point I have no clue why this is, but I hope to resolve this soon. Thanks for understanding.

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