Routing problems solved

Jul 28th 2005

The previous routing problems should be solved now, an new ip is assigned, still not sure why the previous ip had problems.. but all should be ok right now, still could have some problems because our reverse dns still needs to kick in..

Site unreachable to some.

Jul 23rd 2005

For the last few weeks I seem to be having some routing problems, I don't seem to be able to reach some ips and some ips aren't able to reach me, at this point I have no clue why this is, but I hope to resolve this soon. Thanks for understanding.

Ip-to-Country script release v0.7

Jul 20th 2005

Total rewrite of the previous version now with an xml remote database, so you don't need to store a 2mb file anymore, removed channel ban by country cause I don't really think that it was useful maybe ill add it back when people ask for it, made template message, so you can strip rip do whatever you want with the output messages, had a lot of people who edited the messages just to make it look cool or whatever they where trying to do with all them colors but as always they fucked up in the process. The script is available here.

Server down times

Jul 5th 2005

Lately we've been experiencing some downtime due to a bad router. After six months of exchanging the router and dealing with the incompetent support at dlink, we established that it was a firmware problem. So I got a refund instead and proceeded to buy a linksys, hoping for better support and quality.

Note: the firmware isn't updated up untill today .. even tho they know about it.

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